A Complete Titanic TEACHING UNIT

A complete unit of work to teach students about the historical and cultural impact Titanic made upon the world both back in the early 20th century. This complete unit includes.

  • Digital Text Response Tasks
  • Fact Vs. Opinions
  • Interactive Video Tasks
  • Interactive Writing Tasks & Templates
  • Titanic Data & Statistics Tasks
  • Digital Assessment Tools
  • Titanic Timelines & Research Tasks
  • Independent, Group & Remote Tasks
  • Key Players in Titanic’s History
  • Open-ended Titanic Assessment Tasks

Quality RMS Titanic Research Links


Titanic for the Purists. The biggest depository of Titanic on the web. It Will suit secondary and tertiary research more so than juniors.

Titanic in Nova Scotia

A very thorough collection of Titanic information for secondary students

Interviews with Survivors

BBC interviews with survivors of passenger and crew survivors (transcripts available as part of the Tales of Titanic Education Kit

Causes of death of passengers and crew (including deaths after the sinking).

Causes of death of passengers and crew (including deaths after the sinking)

Online Article: The morning after.

Please note: here are many sites that have quotes from Titanic survivors, some of which are not always accurate. Below is one site where there are quotes available.

Titanic Inquiry

The complete record of events from inquiries following the Titanic’s sinking in 1912

Information about icebergs

Find out about the massive object that sank the Titanic

Titanic: National Museum of Northern Ireland

A wealth of well researched Titanic content from her birthplace.

Titanic research for Students


A site produced by the Discovery Channel that places students in a position to explore the events of April 12- 15 from the perspective of a passenger. Students can click on one of five passengers and read and listen about their ordeal on the Titanic.

§  Titanic Online Quiz

This site contains two quizzes, one with 51 general multiple-choice questions about Titanic and the other with six multiple-choice questions about passengers. These are great extension activities for students of all year levels.

BBC Titanic Quiz

BBC Titanic journey: An extraordinary journey into the deep. This site has a range of different video clips about Titanic and then an opportunity for students to complete a series of online quizzes. Suitable for years 5-10


Interview with Eva Hart

The last living survivor of the Titanic speaks of her memories