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Titanic was the largest moving human-made object of all time when constructed and is still regarded as an amazing engineering feat in any era. Over 15,000 tradesmen worked on both her mammoth hull and lavish interior to make Titanic the pride of the White Star Line fleet. Discover the legendary stories behind Titanic’s construction.

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Today, Titanic is still the greatest civil maritime disaster of all time. 1500 men, women and children perished that fateful night. The arrogance and blatant failures leading Titanic to her demise would change shipping forever. Hear from the survivors, the official inquiry and watch in-depth video analysis of how and why the Titanic ‘really’ sank.

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Titanic has captivated us for generations. It is a gripping tragedy of Shakespearean proportions. Titanic’s sinking is a great mystery still being revealed today. Explore the wreckage of Titanic, read conspiracy theories about her demise and relive some of the classic books and films that made the Titanic a historical and cultural icon.

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Facts about R.M.S. Titanic

On April 15, 1912, the worlds largest and most luxurious ocean liner ‘The unsinkable’ Titanic struck an iceberg.  Taking with it over 1500 souls to the icy depths of the Atlantic ocean.  The legend, stories and facts of the Titanic have captivated generations for over a century

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